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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Bureau of Indian Standards is a statutory body established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016. BIS prescribes the norms for covering goods and systems under the standardization regime and supervises the development activities, marking and quality certification of goods.

BIS carries out various activities like that of quality assessment, product certification, hallmarking, laboratory services, training services that are essential in precious metal businesses like gold, silver and platinum. The government body benefits the economy through safe, reliable quality goods.

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The primary and most recognized objective of BIS is to formulate and prescribe the guidelines for products for their certification. The agency is the largest of all Indian certification bodies and plays an increasingly important role in the devising of uniform Indian quality standards, promoting exports and imports substitute; control over proliferation of varieties which are helpful for commercial businesses. In this role, it is responsible for a number of key certifications in the Indian market under the umbrella of the Indian Ministry of Consumer Protection(Govt. Of India).


Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council is an organization set up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with aim to promote the Indian Gem and Jewelry Industry and its products.

This apex body of the Gem & Jewellery industry has played a significant role in the evolution of the Indian gem and jewelry industry to its present stature. GJEPC is continuously working towards creating a pool of artisans and designers trained to international standards to consolidate the Indian jewelry industry and establish it as a prominent global player in the jewelry segment.

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With strength of 6,000+ members' spread all over the country, the Council is primarily involved in introducing the Indian gem & jewelry products to the international market and promotes their exports. To achieve this, the Council provides market information to its members regarding foreign trade inquiries, trade and tariff regulations, rates of import duties, and information about jewelry fairs and exhibitions.

India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd. (IBJA)

India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd. (IBJA) was established in 1919, as a result of the prevailing circumstances in the market that warranted an association with multi-faceted approach to the problems and challenges faced by the bullion traders in a newly liberated India.

The IBJA has grown in its reach, stature and reputation over the years since its creation. It has proved to be an unbiased platform and is now considered the Apex association for all bullion and jewellery associations in India. Presently India is the world's largest consumer of Gold bullion, gold jewellery and gold ornaments.

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Dun & Bradstreet is a company that provides information on commercial credit and business reports. Dun & Bradstreet is most well-known for its Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) numbers, which are used to develop business information reports for over 100 million firms worldwide.

The company specializes in corporate research, insights and analytics. Dun & Bradstreet was formed in the 1930s by the merging of R.G. Dun & Co. and the Bradstreet Cos And currently operates on a global scale conducting business in a variety of international markets.

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The company’s revolutionary offerings are intricately linked to the categorization of businesses around the world. Dun & Bradstreet presents a number of other products and services and has continued to expand since its founding.


Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation (Govt.of India) is an international trading company that imports minerals and non-ferrous metals and industrial raw material. The company also trades in Gold and Silver bullion, imports and exports and remains a trustee for all the companies which trade valued goods along with agro products. MMTC has a vast international trade network, which includes a wholly owned international subsidiary in Singapore, spans almost in all countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Americas, giving MMTC global market coverage.

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MMTC's diverse trade activities include Third Country Trade, Joint Ventures, Link Deals and provides full logistic support from procurement, quality control to guaranteed timely deliveries with its comprehensive infrastructural expertise. The company was established in the year 1963 and is based in Delhi and a reliable platform for all the bulk investors.


MMTC-PAMP operates the world’s most advanced precious metals processing facility and Gold refineries that was set up in 2008. MMTC-PAMP offers a wide repertoire of products and services; produced with the most contemporary best practices and adherent to the highest global quality standards. The company leverages India’s growing digital economy to lead the way into a new era of responsible, trustworthy gold in India.

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MMTC -PAMP with its parent company, the MKS PAMP Group is a deeply trusted name in the precious metals business, taking pride in a pedigree of 60 years and a global network of precious metals producers, users and traders. The company upholds global best practices of product excellence, sustainability and innovation across the value chain and most importantly, realizing the diversity and inclusion goals. It is a joint venture between Switzerland based bullion brand, PAMP SA and MMTC Ltd- A Government of India Undertaking.

MY KYC BANK is a centralized online platform, a repository/a data bank of KYC, created especially for the Gem & Jewelry Industry by GJEPC- Ministry of Commerce and Industry(Govt.of India) to address their KYC management needs. encapsulates the database received from the companies and verifies them to complement documentation, which is necessary as per KYC standards prevailing in key international Gems & Jewelry centers and helps companies to complete, manage and share their KYC information to buyers and sellers to enable them to meet their obligations under the anti-money laundering laws of their respective countries.

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The platform is known to be a powerful tool that can significantly reduce compliance costs for users, bring greater transparency to the industry and build confidence among other industry stakeholders, such as financial institutions and governments.


KIRAN GEMS is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Natural Diamonds and India’s Premier Diamantaire, establishing benchmarks not just for the sheer scale of operations, but also for product quality, precision and variety, integration of technology, manufacturing and wider social responsibility.

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State Bank of India (SBI) a Fortune 500 company, is an Indian Multinational, Public Sector Banking and Financial services statutory body headquartered in Mumbai. The rich heritage and legacy of over 200 years, accredits SBI as the most trusted Bank by Indians through generations.

SBI, the largest Indian Bank with 1/4th market share, serves over 45 crore customers through its vast network of over 22,000 branches, 62617 ATMs/ADWMs, 71,968 BC outlets, with an undeterred focus on innovation, and customer centricity, which stems from the core values of the Bank - Service, Transparency, Ethics, Politeness and Sustainability.

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The Bank has successfully diversified businesses through its various subsidiaries i.e SBI General Insurance, SBI Life Insurance, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Card, etc. It has spread its presence globally and operates across time zones through 229 offices in 31 foreign countries.


Punjab National Bank (PNB), India’s first Swadeshi Bank, commenced its operations on April 12, 1895 from Lahore, with an authorized capital of Rs. 2 Lakh and working capital of Rs. 20,000. The Bank was established by the spirit of nationalism and was the first bank purely managed by Indians with Indian Capital. During the long history of the Bank, 9 banks have been merged/ amalgamated with PNB.

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The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited or HDFC was among the first financial institutions in India to receive an “in principle” approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector. This was done as part of RBI’s policy for liberalisation of the Indian banking industry in 1994.

HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of HDFC Bank Limited, with its registered office in Mumbai, India. The bank commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995.

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As of December 31, 2020, the Bank had a nationwide distribution network 5,485 branches and 14,533 ATM's in 2,866 cities/towns.


ICICI Bank is a leading private sector bank in India. The Bank’s consolidated total assets stood at Rs. 14.76 trillion at September 30, 2020. ICICI Bank currently has a network of 5,418 branches and 13,343 ATMs across India. ICICI Bank was originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI Limited, an Indian financial institution, and was its wholly-owned subsidiary.

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Razorpay is a provider of an online payment gateway that allows businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments. Its solution supports payment modes including credit and debit card, netbanking, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), and wallets. The company aims to help its clients manage marketplaces, automate bank transfers, collect recurring payments, share invoices with customers, and avail working capital loans.

Razorpay is India’s first full-stack financial solutions company. The company's mission is to enhance the payment experience of over 300 million end consumers and in doing so, the company enables Indian businesses - big and small - to accept payments digitally with minimal effort and maximum ease.

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Razorpay has now grown from being a payment gateway provider to a solutions-driven organization, boasting of an extensive product's suite to accept and lay out payments, as well as raise capital and park money.


Brink’s, Incorporated is the world’s premier provider of secure logistics solutions – including global transportation and storage for high-value goods, currency and coin processing, smart safes powered by advanced technology – that deliver critical business intelligence, improved productivity and enhanced protection.

Brinks high-value services comprise secure long-distance transportation of valuables, supply chain management of cash, payment services, and guarding services. The Brink's Company serves customers in more than 100 countries.

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The company's largest geographic market is the US, which generates about a third of total revenue and has an unrivaled global footprint that delivers incomparable security, efficiency and visibility across the logistics lifecycle to the companies all over the world.


Sequel Logistics serves customers worldwide. Sequel Logistics is a supply chain management company, providing solutions specifically for critical logistics requirements on a worldwide basis. The Company focuses on health care shipments and transportation of diamond, jewelry and stones.

The company was founded in 2004 in Bangalore and over the years, have developed specialized capabilities and domain knowledge, to design, execute and manage supply chain and logistics of high value and critical products for B2B & B2C business in India, US and Europe. To maintain the highest quality of service and security, Sequel owns and directly manages its secured transportation network and the physical infrastructure.

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Sequel gives a pivotal role to technology, that helps in managing and delivering a great service experience to its customers.


India is one of the largest consumers of Gold and with new policies coming up along with the support of the government (Make in India) the future of refineries looks brighter and is shining day by the day Parker Precious Metal LLP was established on 23rd March 2018 under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 by family members of Parker Multi Group and Parker Bullion Both the Groups earned an enviable reputation in the Indian bullion market and playing a key role in the import/trading of Gold and Silver and export of hallmarked jewellery

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RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) is a diversified Indian multi-national multi-commoditiestrading and manufacturing company.

RSBL SPOT is arguably the first spot physical platform for gold and silver in India. It is also the most successful and its prices are benchmark. The fact that prices are transparent for all jewellers, two-way and instant makes it stand out. A revolutionary initiative taken by RSBL in 2008 which is still a contributor in evolving of market and market scenario.

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Kundan Refinery is a renowned business unit of the most recognised and sorted Kundan Group. Through Kundan had been in the business of precious metals since 2 Decades now, we feel proud to introduce you with our own well equipped high - tech gold refinery “ Kundan Gold Refinery”. With ever changing and competitive trends in the worldwide precious metals market, we promise you high quality standards and best services to cater the demand 24x7.

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Amrapali Spot emphasize providing efficient stockbroking services along with stock market-related consultancy, Portfolio Management, Commodity Trading & Broking, Corporate advisory, Mutual funds and many other services

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Founded in the year 1901, (CAP) –a family owned business – has established itself as one of the leading Gold and Silver bullion merchants of India. CAP is one of the top three Gold and Silver bullion merchants in India with Hallmark Certification.

CapsGold has also ventured into online trading to make its services available at the click of a button. This is in addition to the shortest delivery times and reducing risk of physically carrying cash and gold to help clients and business relish a reinforced sense of safety, particularly in the instances where they intend to buy in bulk.

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Buoyed by ever-increasing growth rate and expanding client base, CAP is aiming to make its golden presence felt nationally and internationally by initiating strategically located subsidiaries in India and across. Presently at CapsGold Gold bars of 100 grams, 1000 grams and Silver as granules and bars are sold online.


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